During an April 16, 2020 protest at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC, the California union, National Nurses United, used a drone to get video of its nine-person protest. That drone entered the airspace of the hospital’s emergency helicopter, MAMA, as it was preparing take off. Here’s the picture they got.

Wearing an NNU masks over their Mission Hospital provided masks, union supporters complained about a shortage of masks. If we are trying to preserve PPE, maybe don’t double up. For the NNU, it’s publicity over patient safety, every time.

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CNA Strikes

Union Agenda More Important than Patient Care When it comes to patient care, CNA says one thing but does another. The prime example is CNA’s willingness to call nurses out on strike, forcing them to abandon their patients. CNA tells nurses that strikes are rare, but the truth is CNA has called nurses out on…